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Medical jamaican gum hash

Various seed companies in the Netherlands specialize in producing commercial types of hemp, which are exported all over the world.

‘Pigeon seed hemp’ is almost always a rope fiber variant. Hemp varieties are used for fiber production, which produce hardly any THC. Cannabis is also grown illegally in the Netherlands, mostly for commercial use. With the arrival of so-called autoflowering cannabis and feminized seeds, growing cannabis has become a lot easier medical jamaican gum hash. Autoflowering means that the plants no longer depend on seasons and the position of the moon and the light. The seeds of feminized cannabis are grown so that they produce female plants. The plants of autoflowering are also a lot smaller than the «normal» plants, so that even a small space or a balcony can serve for breeding. By selection, varieties of hemp plants are grown that give a high yield of THC. This hemp plant needs a lot of light, which usually comes from so-called ‘grow lamps’. These are lamps that use a lot of energy. That is why many growers illegally tap electricity and are sometimes discovered because of the remarkably high power consumption. With the advent of LED grow lights, people sometimes try to reduce the power problem.
Due to odor and water problems, nurseries are more than once discovered and eventually dismantled. Commercial growers in a rental home are almost always removed from their homes when they are discovered.

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